Firebase in optimized way

How to use Realtime DB in optimized way? I have an app in google playstore which uses realtimeDB .
Downloads 4k and active users around 200. But data transfer is huge almost 1GB per day . how firebase coding can be optimized to reduce the unnecessary data transfer from firebase.

Let us know, more about the app to understand what is going on better.

Use Airtable…
It is like Excel. If you can store information in this format, then go for it. You also can store media/files in it.
It will not calculate on download and upload operations.
It will calculate on rows/base
For example
Free plan: (1200 rows, 2GB file storage)/Base
You can create unlimited bases.

Firebase is in JSON format
Airtable is in excel format

Kodular has component named SPREADSHEET for Airtable

I think Airtable is better than Firebase.

Know more at:


But i think you should move to mysql with proper hosting package


ONly texts are stored and retrieved … no media involved ,.
Its good if you can have a look at it.
Here is link of App.

You can do it with Airtable…

Alternatives are OK but how about optimizing the use of firebase codes. Are there any good or standard way of accessing data from firebase ?

Can you show how your json tree is set up? How many level of nodes do you have?