How Can I Display a Video from my Firebase Storage? (I Downloaded the Firebase Storage Extention but I dont know how to Display it

Can Someone help me? I’m New and I don’t know how to Display Video from Firebase Storage I Also Uploaded Video on Firebase Storage. The Only Problem is I Dont know how to Display the Video in Kodular…

why need a extension there is a already a component
also see this - Firebase Storage | A Guide for Beginners , Download Multiple image at once from online storage like firebase,airtable,etc , How to upload any type of files from our mobile device to firebase storage


Oof. Thanks By The Way. But can you help me how to Display it?

Many video player extension are available, use it

How to Display a Video from Firebase Storage to my App? HOw to Connect the Source?

Where to get it?

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Kodular has Video Player Component, can you make a Blocks on How to Display Video from Firebase Storage to Kodular Video Player Component?

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Uhmm Is it Okay now? Thank You in Advance xD

Sorry for the late reply.

After getting/download file from firebase you can use some extension to get thumbnail of it.

To get thumbanil in this extension, you can visit,

And then when user click on the video file, use any video player to run it.

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Thank You So Much!

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