How did i find a specific place

i am creating a button in which if user click the data will store in airtable and it working good but the problem is whe some name repeating in that then this block is not work properly please help

To avoid this, do not save the user data blindly into airtable. When user click for save, call the data…then apply this logic

If the name exists in airtable,
then alert the user
else continue to save

and how did do that

@vikram_sharma make a unique id for all the users and do the process using the unique id Simple

like any example you have because the main problem is when any row any name comes more than two times then it fails to get that function properly thats why

i think you are talking for this right


In situations where there are multiple individuals with the same name, assigning a unique ID to each person can be a helpful way to differentiate between them. For example, if there are two individuals named “Max,” assigning them unique IDs like “#1” and “#2” can help to distinguish between them.

To implement this approach, a new column can be added to airtable or spreadsheet that contains the unique ID for each individual. Then, when processing the data, the unique ID can be used to identify and handle duplicates as needed. By checking for duplicates based on the unique ID rather than the name alone, errors and confusion can be minimized.

Overall, assigning unique IDs to individuals can be a useful strategy for managing data and avoiding issues that can arise when dealing with individuals who share the same name.

i deal wit this but in this case i create a specific number for all in short this is not work.
i need in such a way like for eg when you see in my table there are two name which is vikram sharma and mukeshgsharm right when i want to search bulb in vikram sharma not from mukeshgsharm i hope you understand when it finds from them then cant create column

From the bulk if you search the name as Sharma then surely you will get two names where as if you search by first name you will get proper value

i thought like that but it not working like this

is there anyway to fetch data in group way like in airtable there is two name vikramsharma and mkeshsh and i want to fetch data of vikramsharma and it only find those data only.
its will work then tell me the solution thankyou.

You r using airtable spreadsheet or Google spreadsheet?

i am uing airtable spreadsheet

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@vikram_sharma when user put his data properly in text box then click on submit button then use already check values function from your database
If value already in database then just show warning notifier user already registerd with this name
If values are new for database then save that user data…

exactly which blocks are you telling