How do we lock user's phone? Like user can't able to open other apps

hey i am working on a idea of a app in which i need to lock user phone or apps on the basis of user choice how can i implement this as if user want to lock phone then a screen will open and it will disappear after a fixed timing(based on user choice) or disappear if user enter the password …
Any help would be a great help

You can try this aia and modify as per your needs.

Yeah, but I want other apps to be locked. I want to run a background timer to be app locked.

I cont understand what you are looking for. And I believe it cannot be done with app builder

Anyway have a look at this guide

i think you are trying to create app locker right?

He want to lock even other apps, but that is not possible with any builder

No.I’m trying to make a time manager app which allow user to focus on work rather than wasting time on other apps in phone

Hmm Absolutely Right but I think we can show black screen with timer so that user can’t be able to use other apps

  1. Kodular will not run in background.
  2. You cannot control other apps using our Kodular

(Suppose, if it is possible I will correct it myself-waiting)

Okay… Thanks for help
But if u found anything that we can lock phone with timer then pls do reply.

May you please provide the link for i4Creator’s Background Task Extension.

it is not of i4 creator he just make youtube on other extensions and post it in his app

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you should not post direct download of extensions

also it looks like the extension is of @Xoma

I don’t know actually. i got this extension from i4creator channel

he just takes others extensions and post it on youtube

as i told you i don’t know actually

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so can you just edit your post and add xoma it will be better

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done :slight_smile:

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