How Download Data From FireBase Storage

I want to download a picture from firebase storage . Now what to do with this block
And I also want to delete the dowloaded file from user device

Read it here first

Then try this


Firebase Storage-Download Image on Assets - #6 by bodymindpower

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thanks but i still not getting it
what should i put in “to Folder” and “File”

File is file name
Folder is , path in which where are storing

Should I Put The The Download Link In “File”
And What is The Right Way To Definite The Storing Path In Android?

Your answer is there in the previous post itself… Did you click and read the summary of previous post??

yes but i did not found that there


folder is pathway in which the downloaded file to store in your device

file- you can assign own name along with .type

and how to delete this data from user device?