How is personal information stored in the firebase real-time database?

In short, the person will have 0 points after registration and their points will increase as they perform their duties. But how can I save these points for each user separately?

I’m a little new to Firebase please understand me Thank you

Like this

This is Login Page:

You can you their IMEI’s and their phone numbers as tag to save their increased points in separate account, From this process all users get separated account.

actually i thought it as an email address but i don’t know how to do this

email is also unique

wait i will help you

Thank you so much

FirebaseCheck.apk (6.2 MB)

FirebaseCheck.aia (5.6 KB)

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No problem if many accounts are created from one phone this way.

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You can set

One IMEI = One Account

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Thank you, I’m trying to adapt it, I hope I succeed

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Get IMEI still working on Android 10?

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idk, what was the possibility, if it runs on Android 10? :joy:


So give 0 points to the newly logged in ID

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Give user ID to project buckect and create POINT tag and enter value

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