How to add asset and sign aab file (Android only)

How to add asset and sign aab file

1) How to add asset in abb file

Download your abb from kodular

Open your aab file with Winrar or 7-zip
Now go to base>assets>here paste your file

In my case i add text file in my asset

Now your aab file is ready for signing

How to sign aab file
Currently This method in works in android only or use emulator
requirements for signing - you need the keystore of your app and need the aabsigner.apk

2) How to get keystore and sign the aab
go to Kodular creator open your project and go to preferences and export your key store

Open the aab signer and now you need to register your key

now you need to select your aab file

now chose your key

now chose the “SHA256withRSA” and just press “Sign the file”

all done now your aab file will genrate in out put path and it ready to publish aab file in play console

mirror link of aab signer -
mega - File on MEGA
mediafire - AABSigner


Hi @Shreyaa,

Are you able to make a guide on how to change the target sdk for an AAB and then sign it? I think all you have to do is extract the base APK, use ApkTool to change the target sdk, build the base APK, sign the base APK (I think), add the base APK back to the AAB, then resign the AAB. It seems like an exhaustive process, but it isn’t.


:octopus: Nathan

Yeah i will look into this


Hi @Shreyaa

Is it possible to add/replace files in drawables in sources.

As we can do by decompiling apk.

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Yeah you can do anything with aab file like add file over 30 mb or replace the file after doing it need to sign in order to publish in play Console

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Ooh Great :grin:
Can u make a guide for how to add/replace the file from drawables.

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Epic work @Shreyaa


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Thank you

Yes now we can do Edit or Modify the AAB file


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It is exporting in zip

As soon as I uploaded your way signed apk, i received this error

Your Android App Bundle has an invalid signature. Upload again with a valid signature.

you need to sign with your own key

Signing with my key only.
Moreover, key difference error is different.

I added Part 2 on how to sign AABs to my video tutorial.
It takes less than 1 minute to insert large files into the assets and sign the AAB.


@Shreyaa Thank you for the tutorials and the effort you put in! :+1:


Thank you :blush:


Which file people need to paste? Is it mandatory?

Did you read the topic head line ?? For adding Asset over 30 mb

what is the Keystore password for koduler

See here

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password is android

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