How to create this type transaction History in our app with firebase

Yaa I use list view with image but I can’t understand why show me this issue , please if you know so help me how I solve this issue


this is the error. remove it and try

Use at here,

Select list item list call listutils1.sortlist

yeap. right… Do not use it in when firebase got tag list…

Like this…

Okkk I’ll try

to test this one, you need to use project bucket as User. Then only it will read all the datas one by one from the tag DK (

for more info you can refer this blocks…

Check this

so you didnt properly read the thread shared above… Ok i will share here…

you wanna show it in list view element but prepared blocks for collintree. Please read the above block… i have added firebase structure also in the previous post… Please read…

Can u send me aia file for this project please

Help me please

Ok wait… I will give the screen

Okk I’ll wait

Please check your ais

I was sent it from mob so the problm occurs. Wait I will send you later. Cont you follow the blocks as shared above?? If you use any project bucket in designer mode Pls clear and try

Please check this sample aia
check.aia (1.0 MB)

I told to modify this block like this

I have tried many times but did not solve,so you can check the Aia file and solve this issue and send me back aia

No thanks ,I’ll wait for G.S.R help

You are asking for money for a little help, it is a matter of shame

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