How to create this type transaction History in our app with firebase

But it is not necessary that what someone else has done to you, do the same with others

Try this

check_1.aia (1.0 MB)

Also here in the community we do not request for money in order to help, if someone wants to offer payed services this can be done by posting in #marketplace

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Dear members pleas avoid unwanted talks. Leave it. Here is your aia… Dora mam also worked out before i do :grinning:,

anyway i also told him to solve so posting my aia… Do not mistake mam…

check_GSR.aia (1.1 MB)

please remove the label. as i always cross check with label…

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may be you may faced such persons. But here we have more number of great & fully dedicated persons are there. If you have continuous visit to community, you can see how many topics were being solved by providing in the name of blocks, aia you can find it. We do not move to go #off-topic .

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It’s worked

But it look not like this

I have tried this but it’s not working

try this…

check_GSR(1).aia (1.1 MB)

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Yaa it’s working Thank you so much G.S.R

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hello plz share data input schreen

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