How to crop image that are not save in device

Can we crop images that are store in cloudinary without saving it on device. I mean i am trying to create a app that stores images in cloudinary and when user want to use the image then they can crop according to their needs in realtime and they can save it in their device after crop…

Is it any way to do it all i find is extension that crop mages which are already stored in sd card.
Please help.

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if you are using crop view extension then this will help you. Here we used image picker. And you can use image components to load cloudinary image s

as far as I know you first have to download the image before croping…
there are several extensions which are able to crop images, see the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


its not working the extension is not picking images that are on cloudinary…

@webcomments7 CropImageFromUrl.apk (5.6 MB)


I was also looking for the same but could you teach me how can we do it.

@sugarlesscreator the app you provide is totally the concept that i want…but you have only attached apk . Can you tell me how to do it or if it was done with extensions please let me know.

Its not working. The image crop extension is not picking the image component image instead it is only picking devices images.

Or try like this when screen initialise call all the imaginary URL on image block(inbuild) so you can see the Lise of images . When user clicks on this image , follow the next method as suggested in my earlier post

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Hi @webcomments7 Sorry, I was on the weekend yesterday, how was your weekend, it must be fun

Download aia here

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Well it was quite fun this week when I was searching for the solution to online image crop but I discovered with new ideas and implement it in my app… now I am here with somethings that I don’t even thought about to add in my app :heart_eyes:. Most of all thankyou so much for your solution to image crop online and your weekend to make me effort to do more research to discover some new ideas. :grin:

And for all those who are looking for extension link and documentation guide please click the guide below :point_down:.Thankyou.

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