How to filter and display data from airtable spreadsheet?

i need one help same related to this

I have 100 row in spreadsheet. bellow is same row

Name, Username, Date, Time, Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option4

I have total 100 row with this details now i want to filter and display data whose stored in 1 to 5 October .

you might want to use the Google Visualization API, se this example


i am already using airteble and all are sated.

Please let me know

i have this list.
1, 2, 3,1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 5 ,1, 2, 1 ,2 ,3,

Now i want to get list of list index and thing is 1.

is it possible ?

See here, same logic i have used in my Filter View guide.

You can apply it for your list as well.

but i need list in index number not item so it’s not help me

Do you mean, you want list of indexes for item contains 1??

Ex. Index list for 1 (1,4,10,12)


you got it my point

Then, I have already suggested correct answer for you.

Check my guide. First read all logic.
I have did same with category list.

This will be your logic:
Here, make your list.

Index variable will be your index list.

Spinner selection will be your list item for which you want to get index list for ex. 1


In this you created fist list of thing and then match and get index number am i right ?


First I created temporary list, in that matched list item, got index, added it to index list.

Then replaced previous item to ignore it in next loop to get index of second same list item.

Same loop for all items.

Finally you will get index list from index variable.

How you got this. i think is not possible for number.

Why not you just try.

Yes i got it. ones you got index number you replaced this item so not come this number again.

Very good idea. :+1:t2:

i will try it

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Thank you very much @The_K_Studio ,

Now i want one more solution.


After i receive data from this block how i string.

in this data total 100 rows with 5 column

hello, how can we get the elements in this filter system via firebase?

thank you

Just got list from firebase and use this method

how do we get them from database

show me your block or firebase how you stored data ?

I don’t have a project related to this right now, but I want to manage such a filter system through firebase in a project.