How to get 1st column of last row using Air table?

Hello All,

I want to ask about how to get data of 1st column of last row to be shown in my app.I am not able to get any way to show that data.I am also getting problem in arranging blocls for this . row number is not fixed and in this I am gettig problem. Some one kindly please help me to do this.

helllooo you are posting wrong info in community do you mean too say how to get last row of first column

getColumn = “columnname you want to grab the last row”
getRow > store to a global list > get the length of the list > store the length to a global variable > get last row value using the get variable that stores the length of the row

Can you please share me blocks for this…Please
Thanks in advance

Please Share me Blocks Please

please share me blocks for this @idietherdave

Stop creating topics with the same questions…

Dear one the topics are not same in this topic I mean that I want column 1 of only of last row so both are different just try to understand

show what you have done.
show your blocks .
and I recommend that you read this:

Because in order for people to help you, they first have to understand what you want to do.

Do you know how to obtain Airtable values?
It is about getting the data for each column and once you have the data in a list variable, working with lists to do whatever you need. If you are not clear on how to work with lists, I recommend that you look in the forum, that there is much about it