How to get only registered users from tinydb

Hi community,
i am working on chat app so,for that i need to get all registered users from the number list of the current user and get that list on colentreelistview
Please any one help me to do this

these are my tries,
blocks (23)

Insufficient information to understand your need from your given logic. Explain.

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ok i will explain in brief
first i have call get contactlist when the screen initializeblocks (25)
then i did when contactlist got list i set all list to get on colintreelistview
blocks (23)

but i want only the registered users which was stored in tinydb and i want to select that registered users from that got contactlist

Okay, now i understood.

Problem is in
Is in list block. Interchange global contacts and numberList blocks.

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You are using contact list extension and tinydb not firebase , so you should edit your title cause is misleading

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ok sorry for that now i edited

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not working
it is showing error

What u have stored in tiny db? Single value or list?

Single value
Value is phone number

What u have put in global contacts variable? Empty list or string?

Empty list

Your tiny db has single value so, you have to set global variable to empty text string and try.