How to show a song title from airtable in a list, and display the lyrics from airtable. Need help?

Hello guys, am new in this Kodular and i want to make apps of song book. But i dont know how to make list and call from the airtable. Its a hundreds of song,. I already create list and lyrica of the song.

It depends on how you have your information ordered

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I can create the list of title but when i click the title, it cannot display the content…

well, i can´t help you if you don’t give us more info. How do you saved the data? how do you bring it to your app?

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Show what you tried

this is what i want to display and here is the block i made so far

list of title is show but i want to display the content when the title is click

You aren’t setting content values to any listview like in Spreadsheet1.Got Column block.

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I want to display the content in full screen. Dont know how to do

Ok let me try again…

Cant do it… Need more detail…pleazs

hii ,solved???

Nope…no hope at all by now


Please can you explain properly what you want to do and what problem are you facing?

i want to make a song book. i want to store the data in offline,i used spreadsheet but its required online network. so, is there any way to create a song lyric book in offline mode?

Either you can store the data in a local database such as TinyDB manually or you’ll have to use an online database if you need the app to be dynamic. Or you can fetch the data from an online database only when first run and store it in local DB. This way, the user will not need to have internet connection each time.

Hope it will work…but i dont have any idea how to do it in block…???

Is there any tutorial or blocking to see this kind of apps.

any suggestion pliz???

Hello, Solved??

No,…so sad