How to trademark App name for free?

I don’t know is this topic relevant with Community policy but i think it will help other developers.

Recently i created an app namely Social Courier this is mine choosed name no one knows it , yesterday someone published app on play store with same name. Now i want to remove it but my name is not a trademark. So if anyone knows how we can make our app name copyrighted please let me know.:cry::cry:

If you want a trademark then you have to pay for it


How much and how to?

This guide may help you. Spoiler: it will cost alot.

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How much? And what’s Creative Commons license

You cant trademark unless you have been using the mark

That is the different between ™ and ®

™ is self declared , ® is when the ™ is registered .

Do some google reading.


The two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other :sweat_smile:

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