How to use a web directory in my app

I have a folder on my web of images that I want the app to list and select from there, how can it be done?

you could have a php script there, for examle see Q5 here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps and call it using the web component



from what I saw apart from giving you the dir of the folder, you have to address each file. I look for it to be listed alone or just one randomly selected so as not to have to update the app every time I change images

This is reference how you can fetch data you can modify script according to you.

Create an API and list images with the help of that API. :wink:

Good morning, sorry for repeating the query but I think I did not understand correctly, excuse me, I use an online translator because English is not my language. On my web server I have a folder with images that I want to use in the app, I change the images from time to time and I would like to know if you can somehow list the files in that folder instead of putting them one by one, since each time q change them should change the links of the app. I saw the option of ftp but I don’t really understand how it works. Someone told me to use api, but I don’t know how it works. The viewflipper works perfect with individual addresses, if there was a way to get the addresses out of a folder it would be more practical to change the images. I await your comments. thank you very much for your help

I merged your topics. Don’t double post.

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Actually I wanted to delete the first and leave the second, the explanation is better but I don’t know how to delete the publication, thank you and sorry

see again my previous answer

protip: try something!


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I tried everything they told me, but it does not fit my purposes, thanks to those who offered their help and to those who did not thank me anyway

without knowing, what exactly you tried, the output you get compared to the desired output you expect, noone will be able to help