How to Use Airtable Complete Airtable Guide Tutorial with App and Free AiA

How to Use Airtable Complete Airtable Guide App by Using Kodular?

Describe your app: By Using this app you can learn about all block of Airtable

Follow Some Steps to Test

Step1: First Create your Table by using Sample Sheet.
Step2: Set your table API Key and BaseID or Table Name First.
Step3: Test Your Table Free by Using This App.
Step4: After Successful Testing Download this AIA file Free and Modify as per your Recquirements.

All Blocks of Airtable Testing App Tested and Working Well.

If not work for You than you can check your Table
[API key, BaseID, Table Name or Column Names] First.


Airtable Sample Sheet link: Download Table Free

Download App link: Airtable Testing App Free

Table_Tester.apk (5.0 MB)
Table_Tester.aia (28.6 KB)

AIA file: Download Link of Free Aia File of this Project Available in App.


your this function works?
for me SetCell doesn’t work, can u share when u first created this project?

All the Block Working well you can check your Column Name First
All Blocks are tested with Airtable Sheet.

the screen is not changing from splash screen to sign up screen

Idk wat is your problem, but you are not switching screens correctly. See

now it is working i just create a new spreadsheet database

Nice one :+1:

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The AiA file does not download!^

I have successfully tested all the features of the App, but it is blocked when I want to download the AiA file. What is going wrong?


Tested on 09/06/2020 working well and Get Free AiA file with this project.

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