How to use clock component to load items in a list?

I have heard a lot about loading items in a list using clock component. Well I have tried and tested too much but did not get success. Will anyone please let me know how to do it using clock?

A simple and understandable block is enough. For example, you can explain it using a list of 10 items and loading 2 items at a time.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Why do you need a clock component? Are there too many items in your list?

Yes. There’s almost 400 items in my list and it has images with captions. So I need to use clock component.

If you want to show image and then a text (caption). Try List View Image and Text - Kodular Docs

I used Dynamic Components, because the list view is customized.
Thanks for your concern. :slight_smile:

Do you mean there are list of 10 items in a single list (item1, item2…item10) and you want to show item1 and item2, then show item3 and item4… and so on using a clock component.

Does the clock trigger on choosing one of the 2 items displayed in the list ?

Not after choosing.

I will use vertical scroll handler, so whenever we will scroll the list to an end, the clock will trigger and load the next list.

ok… like display 10 items, then when you get to the end display the next 10 items (or display items 1 to 20 ?).

Maybe you can close the list view when you reach the end and open it the next set on clock trigger. Keeping the clock timer interval small can give a quick transition.

Is it possible to trigger the clock when bottom of the list is reached ?

It is possible to trigger the clock when bottom of the list is reached but it not possible to index the items in the list like you said. :sweat_smile:

Could you let me know how this was achieved ? Sounds like I could use it in one of my projects.


Use Vertical Scroll Arrangement Handler and use this block.