How to use the "pick a random item list" component?

The app is saving all values that are in the column repeatedly even using the component that chooses an item randomly.

I need the app to take 9 values that are in a column and save each value to a variable.

How do I not let the variables repeat the values?captura Capturar111111111111111111111111111111111

I’m not familiar with spreadsheet but maybe instead of pick random item, use Select list item

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the problem is that the address of the list is going to be random

I tried to do a treatment of the values however it didn’t work out. I did it the wrong way. I believe have a way to treat these values

maybe create a local variable and set it to the list value. Then
set global clienteX to pick random item
then remove it from the list.

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What kind of treatment do you mean ?

treatment not to let a repeat value
ex number “9” I can not let it be saved in dua variables
can be saved only in a variable

i forgot to talk about this tabela is in the airtablle

@bogelin347 i tried so:
friend helps me find the error please

Hold on, let me try to make it

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okay ,thanks!!!

Try this one to see. It should select a random item, set the cliente variable to it, then removes it from the list and continue.

I will try to see if there is other way simplier.

How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?



@bogelin347 is it possible get only numbers ?

Can you explain it a little bit more please?

in the column will have writen text and numbers, I would like to get only the numbers

You can try For each item in list, if not is number(item), then remove list item[list=list;index=index in list(item)].


friend i couldn’t delete the text

remove list item list should be get values because you are looping each item from get values list

I tried didn’t give also no