How to View Pdf File without using another app

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I want to make a pdf book app. But I don’t know how to view pdf file without using another app…
So please help me…

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(Vaibhav The Developer) #2

Please use this extension PDF View
Extension Credit to @Deep_Host
Thank You !!!

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Is there an alternative Activity
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(CCOO ILUNION Contact Center) #5

I´m Using the extensión but don´t know how to set the blocks.

Some help, please?

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(Vaibhav The Developer) #6

Yes ! Follow the below blocks ---->

Checkout this aia file —> Test.aia (57.0 KB)

If this post helps you then mark it as solution !

(CCOO ILUNION Contact Center) #7


I´m trying to open a pdf document that is online, like in II Convenio Colectivo Contact Center.pdf - Google Drive not a pdf file in some device storage. Also, there are some diferent pdf so I´d like to open any .pdf file without having to add every document name.


(Philipp Lang) #8

why not download the pdf at first than you can open it witth that blocks.

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I’m trying not to force the user to download the document into his device but just read it online

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what happens, if you use the webviewer solution from here
How to view a pdf document
together with the link to your Google Drive pdf file?


Button click Open Google drive
(CCOO ILUNION Contact Center) #11

Thanks for your time and patience.

English is not my native languaje, so I may be missunderstanding something. Using the second block group of your example in How to view a pdf document I have to use the block:

When btnViewFromWeb .click

Where, or in what component can i find that block?

Thanks again.


it is a button…
you could have found it out yourself after downloading the example project

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(CCOO ILUNION Contact Center) #13

Thanks again, but the PDF files I need to open are not linked to a Kodular Button but are html text links, so I don´t know if there is any blocks logic that lets me do that.


didn’t you say in one of your other threads, that you found the solution?
next time you might want to stay in only one thread to not confuse everyone…
if not, then what about trying this


(CCOO ILUNION Contact Center) #15

Well, Im triyin diferent aproaches to the problem, Maybe I should have been more explicit about it. In the kind of solution that I found there is a trouble. When I press the Download button In the Google Drive Preview that opens inside WebViewer, the archive downloads with the Google Drive Share link (long and without extension) so is not a perfect solution.

About the method you explain in How to view a pdf document The matter is that I dont use the Button component but text links, (linked to an image) so I dont know how to set the blocks without the “When btn .Click”


what about first get it running using a button and then adjust it to your needs?

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(CCOO ILUNION Contact Center) #17

Good idea, I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

(shanu ks) #18

can you upgrade it with…screenshot disable…page numbers and page jumping

(DjJohn) #19

You can disable screenshots.
Follow simple steps

  1. drag screenshot component.
  2. set allow screenshot property to false.
(shanu ks) #20

its not possible inside the extenstion…you must need a line as inapp pdf viewer. screenshot as false then only it can be disabled