HTML Text Extension [Free]

no it didn’t :hugs:


please don’t hijack this topic

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Its meaning is “because” and is used very often so far… if I hurt anyone, please excuse me.


Nice work, congrats


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no my dear you are right we all are family member of kodular :slightly_smiling_face:

wdym? :thinking:

I tried to strike html Can not use , you can help me? This extension is very useful when using dynamic labels


There’s nothing wrong with these two blocks. Show other related blocks.

How to use in dynamic label ?

Use get label by id in the components slot

My dear friend you do little mistake change order of your block first you need to call where you want to set and then use strike block

But you said this

Let me check what is going wrong I will publish new extension after some changes

How to work FontTypeFace