HTTP response was too large: 33840252. The limit is: 33554432

When I Scans QR code to Download My APK project it shows following Error:

HTTP response was too large: 33840252. The limit is: 33554432.


Download apk file in computer…

why you try to download by QR code?

because apk file downloading is not starting in computer

It is perhaps because your app is too large

Btw, are you using companion to scan to QR


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no manual browser to download and install to check apk

Boban is right. We have a limit of 32 MiB for APKs.

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Using the magic :mag: tool, I found this exact topic:


When Kodular will increase this limit?

You should learn not to make app that are to big. Big isn’t always better. Users will not want to install large apps.


You are right.

i dont know whether u are active or inactive but its for help
remove some big assets or if u dont want to remove just by using an application or online tool make image size small

@krish.jha I have to Upload 32 pdf files all are about 1 mb after compression

and limit is not that much so u have to use online storage or reduce some file

can You Suggest me.