I cant compile my apk today 12.7.21

http response was to large: 33632529. The limit is: 33554432.
i try to do it on two different devices (computers) , two different places, and two different internet operators.
results is same


Always search community before making new topics

I am sure your apk exceeds size limit, that is 32 mb


yeeeeeea,it is posssible. Thank you. i go from mit app inventor to appy builder. mit have only 10 mb, and now i need extra mb again. :frowning:
thank you for your answer

@rscsoft_apk Delete so files from Assets and call them from internet or your cloud storage this will work

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but i must to make extra internet place for my apk, like www or page on forum or etc, but its idea

Also this is not correct for MIT App Inventor

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glad to see you, everything changes, very good
thank you for this good info

Is it a bug? or enabled this option? Actually what will be the solution for this query … :thinking:

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