I have a problem with pos screen

hello everyone
In the pos screen
when scan barcode i have export the product details success but when i rescan for another product the details replace the first scan
i want add scan in the next row
and i am serching about textbox with 3d or shadow like this
I will attach the aia file for my app

Where and how you store the data of the first scan ?

in firebase database

Show the block you used

blocks (19)
blocks (18)
blocks (17)

blocks (15)

blocks (14)
blocks (13)
blocks (12)
blocks (11)
blocks (10)

blocks (9)
blocks (8)
blocks (7)
blocks (6)

and this the screen
PS4_POS.ais (13.8 KB)

I have now three problems:
1- as I say in the topic if i scan product and the scan another it is replace not add in the next row
2- if I put first letter of product in tox-box1 and then select the name from autocomplete the product name appear but not the fiyat(price) and toplam(total)

3- when i added autocomplete for textbox1 (if i want to search with product name not scan barcode) I get error after scan

Thank you for help

PS4_POS.ais (13.8 KB)
this is the screen

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Can you show you data structure? After scan you got tag list of firebase 1 , which is the value ? And then you retrive 11 tag ? :thinking:
The form to receive the value is only one ? You create it with dynamic value ? If you don’t create another form you can’t show another row of data

firebase1 for product details this is 11 and appear only name and price but some of another is important as barcode to scan
firebase2 for customer detils wich autocomplete in toxbox1_copy

I am very biggener with kodular
so csn you check screen please and give me the solution as blocks images or edit the screen

It’s not so easy. If this label aren’t dynamic

You have to create them before scan or after scan to receive data and set another row

You can study Here and Here

you have changed the logic totally…

we will always suggest based on user on the spot request but now you have changed the logic but still want to use the same logic , but that is not always possible… or you have to continue with the result without changing the previous pattern. I mostly avoid get tag list method as it will eat the freemium or dry it sooner. i always go with dictionary method just by calling only one time from firebase.

  1. What are you trying to scan for? (looking for particular tag?)
  2. Will you continue to add user?
  3. What you will type in the text boxes?

Thank you vey nuch to reply
Simply i want to appear this results in the first Textbox the ‘turkish name’ of product
Int the second By defualt “1” it is amount of the product and to pictures + and - to increse one or decrease one but <=1
Then in the next textbox the sell price and then total
Total is miktar×sell price
I want if scan barcode appear results
Or if i add in textbox1 turkish name or barcode it will autocomplete and appear results i talked about

Miktar = amount
Fiyat = selling price
Toplam = Total

And if i add by scan or add by searching turkish name or bacrode and appear result
Then i want to add the next product in the next row
Then all of toplam column added together and all miktar column add together

anyone can help me?