I need an idea for inspection app

Hey guys!! Hope everyone are doing good.
I need your help for my first commercial app.
The idea of the app is the user will login to the app with otp. When the app opens the camera will open and when they click capture the captured photo should straightly uploaded with location coordinates in a web server or drive(I didn’t fixed yet). When the admin wants to view the photos it should be in a listed in listed view.

I need the ideas for this app like if you give me the suggestion for components it will be very useful for me. Please give me suggestions for storage options

1. For storing the photo you can use Cloudinary (Which is easy to use in Kodular).

2. Also you can use Firebase Storage to upload images.

3. For storing the data you can use Firebase Database.
4. For getting user’s current location in latitude, longitude you can user Kodular inbuilt Location sensor component.

5. And for user OTP authentication you can use Firebase Authentication.

6. For camera you can use inbuilt Camera component.
7. And last you can use inbuilt components or extensions for more work.

Thank you for your help!!!
After capturing image, the location coordinates should be watermarked in the image and it should be automatically uploaded.
My questions in your guidance are,

  1. Can we store data o cloudinary with respect to users. i mean can we view the data in a organized manner to view it on the admin side.
  2. Is there any option to store it on google drive.
    Thanks in advance!

You can look at this guide.

Yes you can do that if you store that data in database with proper way.

Check this guide.

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