I want that autocomplete extension select from database

Hi everyone
I was uploaded the amazing extension autocomplete

but when i do this i must put list and it will complete from list success

I have a firebase database and have custemer names
i want in textbox when i write letter appear custemer names that storege in database which begin with that letter instead of the list in image 111
… etc

You should ask in the community of the builder you use. In this case in the App Inventor community.

But i am using extension in kodular

  1. Get all the names from a database
  2. Put it in a global list.
  3. Then the Set completion text box block where you add the required text box component and the above said global list
  4. Finally use the After select event to store the selected text into the required textbox

( As Shown in MIT screenshot don’t try to add the set completion in initialise event because you ddint have the require list. After getting data from firebase only you must set it. I hope you get the point)

I am a beginner can you put picture of blocks as example please

Show us what you are getting from your fb?


I am creating toolbox and want to show customer name on it with autocomplete
in this toolbox if i write as shown example a
will appear all suggetions that 's stored in firebase with tag “customer name” and begin with letter a

so you get all the customer names as a list, right?

show us your blocks so that we will assist you better where to add such block

I don’t know how to build it
When i do autocomplete extintion i must put the list toolbox choose from it
Simply i want it choose from tag with my firebase list
exactly in this step

IF you share us your block How do get names as list mean we will help you

thank you for reply


  1. Initialize one global variable with empty list

  2. When firebase got value event ,
    If get tag = customer name
    Then add items to this global list
    Item get values

  3. Set autocompletion Set completion
    Text box - set required text box
    List - get global variable

after this

I dont understand


where is the wrong?
not worked

show us what is there in your global x

it started with this

after firebase got value, what did print in this global variable… use Do it and share us the result