I want to use Barcode_ Scanner for export list the number on the screen! Help me, please

I can export to one row the number but I cant export list the number.

It is hard to really understand what is your actual query

Pls elaborate and provide us what have you tried, what did you get, and what you are expecting

Uploading: image.png…

  1. Scanbar code
  2. Display to “Lable 1”
  3. Keep Scan barcode
  4. Display to “Lable 2”.
    I can do it (1) and (2). But when I keep scan barcode, I cant display to Lable 2. You can help me, please!

Barcode after scan → get text in lable 1 → keep scan barcode → get text in lable 2

The question is, how do you know scan is over…

Else use logic method

Button click set global index or logic variable to 1 or true, open barcode.

When barcode scan complete,
If the logic is equal to 1 or true set label text ti result also set the logic to 0 or false also open barcode again
Else set label text to result

Help me, Show it to Block. I will be understand ez… Thanks you!

I have not tested it… If it not work then you can use clock