I wish kodular stand strong!

I really like the commission system used by kodular…
I think kodular is likely to add a paid plan !

I wish Kodular stand strong on their motto that "Kodular will never have a paid plan "

PS :Even youtube got a premium subscription to allow offiline videos but I wish kodular doesn’t have that !

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Hi @aravind_chowdary_in

We’re still figuring out what steps to take and how to ensure we can keep Kodular running without any hitch, and the survey was to gather some of your feedback regarding the same.

Kodular will not have a premium plan, meaning we will not restrict usage of components to certain users. However, we might add a way to remove commissions.

Note that we will not be changing how you can use Kodular. Any paid plan we might add in the future will be mere supplements to our core product - the Creator, which we will keep free to use, forever.

Hope this clears your doubts regarding the survey.
Happy Koding!


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