If I upload my app to Aptoide does Adsense monetization work?

I understand that only ads are available if the app is published on Play Store, but I don’t have a developer account to pay for and would like to know what option I can use to monetize my app and upload it to Aptoide or another App Store other than Google Play. Thank you.

You can ask for monetization approval from kodular…
https://my.kodular.io/home ( Visit here)
Click on project you will see all your project there.
Then select the project & Their you will see monetization option…

You can request there & one your app is approved you can show ads


No need to add your app in playstore for admob ads

Your app approval will hardly take 1day

ADVICE: If you want your app to reach people you should upload it to playstore
because not every person is using aptoide/apkpurr…etc.


These stores are mostly used by developers only. hardly any common users come here.



Thats what I am trying to Say…

Just try to read Carefully :angry: :angry:

oh. I didn’t read your post.

Giving same ans is against the community…
As you can see I already gave him that ans what you are trying to say…

Not going off the topic Just sharing knowledge that i had gained - Once you cross the window period from App created date (You can check your specific project in Kodular Account / Projects), you will find Requesting for Monetization option -Once you get approval - it should be able to serve ads even if you distribute your app outside of any app stores. But in case of Google play store (i guess you are already aware of it - looking at the question), once your app is published - they are auto eligible to serve ads. I have tried both of above options and working perfect. Hope, it helps… :slightly_smiling_face:

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