I'm getting a problem with airtable and my blocks

Hi guys, I’m getting a problem with my blocks. I have already configured the airtable’s columns with my app. My app works as a cab caller/selector. The screen shows cardviews with the image, the name of the cab, the car and some information else, according to the Airtable’s data. There’s also a button named “call” in each cardview, according to the Airtable’s data as well, but when I try to call each cab, I make a phone call to just one phone number always, as you guys are able to see in the images below:

Here are the phone’s numbers which I put in the Airtable:

Here is what I try to do in my app:

When I click in each cardview call button, it always makes a call to the last number in the spreadsheet (666665555). It should call each phone number according to the Airtable…

The phone numbers are not real ones, just an example.

That is because when for loop is ending the last number will select last item in list.
If you want phone number list than use make a list block.


I solved my problem by doing this:


I hope the pictures be useful to the beginners who have the same question/problem that I had.

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