Image Shape & Image Card Block

#1. Is it possible to add shape block to generic image component? If possible may be added.

#2. Is it possible to add a block to set Image as a card? Some may suggest to add a Vertical or Horizontal arrangement with background image then make it a card component. In that case the card will process a margin/padding to the view and it’s not too asthetic to see.
Example (IWant):


If possible may be added with radius manipulation feature.

also i will like zoomable feature in image component :star_struck:

With using a canvas you can already zoom the image.

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Try this aia…

However slider is used in this… This may help you…
Zoom.aia (13.5 KB)

What about Image Card or image shape ? Is it possible?

Hi, you can make the image of the shape using first: a view of the card of the dimensions you want without background, without the fillings to the left, right, up and down. There, configure the radius you want to have. Then, place a bottomless horizontal arrangement in the card view and fill in the father with the measurements he placed in the card view, after that place an image to the horizontal arrangement, and that would be it. Below is an image of how it is.


Great!..solution for card view…done.

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Perfectly done without any problem. Thanxx @DTA.

One more query. Can you tell how to make a picture circle without Pedroza Glide extension?

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i have already tried before but, its not smooth.

Hello, you can do the same procedure, but you must play with the dimensions of the image and the corner radius.


I did but the card gives a square type of shape to the image…over all card shape is round…but the image shape get distorted. I request you to provide some screenshot how to make a card containing image perfectly round

Image configuration

Cardview configuration

It depends on the dimensions of the image only.

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