Is it disabled?

i think center and right in horizontal view is disabled
Screenshot 2020-10-25 091040

I’m sorry… I’m not guesser or magican !!!
You can you tell us which component don’t accept center or right alignment ?


in VerticalScrollArrangement Align Vertical Top is Fixed.
in HorizontalScrollArrangement Align Horizontal Left is Fixed.


It don’t happen to me …

maybe u r running on updated or not updated platform

use Scroll Arrangements.

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand you
I just enter

C’mon @Ekansh_Pandit you have many time in this community and you don’t know who to make a question ??

to @bestprintsf


They are Set to their Respected Values for Obvious Reasons.

in Case of VerticalScrollArrangement it’s normal that everyone will Scroll from Top to Bottom.
We do so in Every App we have encountered in our Life; it’s like hardcoded in our memory.
Why would you want to Scroll from Bottom to Top, until you want user to be confused.

in Case of HorizontalScrollArrangement it’s normal that everyone will Scrolls from Left to Right.


You can set all VA you need and with Scroll Arrangement Handlers extension by colintree you duplicate the efect like HSA

Or Tabs Swipe Look Whatsapp extension by Andres Cotes

I’m shure this help you i test both extension long time ago and works fine.


I think the problem happens when there is a normal Vertical Arrangement / Horizontal Arrangement, whose height is set to fill parent and it is filled with many items…

(Just a Guess)

It happens with verical Scroll Arrangement and horizontal Scroll Arrangement because they do not have any center. As asid by addylin
Also please show screenshot of whole screen or name of component used.

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