Is it possible how he did it in Firebase

Is it possible how he did it in Firebase
I tried and did not succeed

[[Free] QuizMaker Extension - Extensions - AppyBuilder]
([Free] QuizMaker Extension - Extensions - AppyBuilder)

How to write information in firebase

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You want to quiz app… You don’t need extension for that…

you have to make a list, like this, sorry i uploaded wrong blocks before.

blocks - 2020-04-01T091142.534

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This forum is for Kodular Creator.

I know that
A previously published extension in Kodular

what are you advising me
I want to create a quiz with non-repeated questions and levels

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Try this… @goodrr63

Good but I study and I do not have money
Also, I am not in India

I will provide that free…


Thank you

Hello. Can I ask for the app too? I am from the Philippines and only an undergraduate student. I am really stuck and stop making my quiz app for awhile now.

It’s totally based on firebase & online…

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