Is there a way to close notifier without clicking a given button

In this topic above my question is not answered.

I need to know, if there is a way to close a notifier without clicking on a button that appears. This should not be possible and I need to know how to avoid it, if it is possible. I did not find out yet how to avoid clicking to proceed, but I need confirmation from a professional, please.

When I published an app on Google Play Console, I saw that someone from Google installed the app. But the “consent” tag did not appear on my dashboard, which is actually generated after clicking the “Confirm” button, which cannot be avoided by clicking cancel or something. Is this a Google specific thing or can you avoid the dialogue? If yes how?


You can use easy dialog extension to show notifier like dialog.

And in this extension there is one block dismiss notifier.

By using this block with clock component you can close notifier.

Wait, in given previous post i saw their blocks,

He has used show message dialog block and trying to dismiss it by using dismiss progress dialog block.

It is not possible to dismiss message dialog by using dismiss progress dialog.

He should use show progress dialog instead of message dialog.

Sorry, you did not read my post or I have expressed myself unclear.

The notifier options of kodular are completely sufficient. I need to know: is there a way for the user to close the Notifier without clicking a button that is offered

Yes, by setting it cancelable to true.


  1. User must click on a button to proceed.
  2. User shall not avoid the click and be able to access / use app.
  3. Is there an android implemented way to avoid it?

The user should not be able to bypass the query and still have access to app content

I am unable to understand your app concept, can u explain what u exactly want to do, post some blocks or screenshots.

[quote=“Rene1898, post:5, topic:68789”]
I need to know: is there a way for the user to close the Notifier without clicking a button that is offered
The user should not be able to bypass the notifier query. So I set cancelable to false. The user must click a button (in my notifier is only one button “I accept”). IS THERE A WAY TO BYPASS the notifier without clicking the button.

I do not know how to ask in a better way.

Make a custom notifier. There is a block Dismiss Custom Dialog

Add one more button in notifier dialog, like “later”

When it is clicked notifier dialog will be dismissed

Ok I see you don’t understand. You were always trying, thanks for taking a look into it.

Oh, so you are asking,
The notifier must be close by a button, and user should not close it without pressing the button?
From my experience, it depends on what type of notifier.
If you aren’t using alert, you won’t be able to close without doing anything.
If you are worried, use custom notifier as @ontstudio said, and it could be closed only with “dismiss custom notifier”

I think also it should not be possible. I need a confirm by a professional coder, that it is not possible.

So now you only trust professional coder instead of the community members? I don’t understand why you will need a professional coder.
And why don’t you try it yourself and search on google to see if it is not possible?

Yes. I only trust a person, who definetly knows wether it is possible or not. I also know that here are trustful members, that is the same for me. If there is someone who can tell “IT IS NOT POSSIBLE” then I will trust.

Its easy. Use clock component and enable it when Answer button is clicked. When the clock will be triggered, dismiss that custom dialog.
Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

no it doesn’t. Thanks anyway. You did not read the question or you did not understand. Or I was not clear in explaining.

yes, but only if you as developer want this

which means, you do not want the user to be able to close a notifier without clicking a button? so what about using the default message dialog?

versuchs einfach mal auf deutsch zu beschreiben, was du wirklich willst…

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I think my question is clear and I think it’s not me to improve my english…

I made similar to this:

is there any way for the user to bypass this notifier dialogue and get back without clicking or closing whole app? Taifun answered already with a clear “no”. And Taifun is trustful to me.

But what about other installed apps like Ad Blocker or similar?