Is WRITE permission needed to edit a file in the ASD?

Okay, I’ll try this and let you know.
Thank you for help.

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Classic… ::+1::+1:
Me too learnt from your suggestion
Thank you

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I tested /storage but in my android 11 device, it didnot work even after given full permission to PDF App.
is there alternative to fix this? Make a sub folder in download folder ? and what about permission ?
Is tough or impossible to get write permission in download folder in sdk 30?

Yes, you must use file:///storage/... on Android 11,
as you found out yourself:

But if you use file:///storage/... for Android 11 (API 30), what does not work?
As I said I, tested it on Android 11 (Pixel 2XL) and it works fine.

Which download folder? If you mean /storage/emulated/0/Download then if will no longer work when Kodular targets API 30 (Android 11, Aug 2021). But Kodular ist still targeting API 29, so it should work for now.

If you mean the download folder in the ASD then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

I can’t edit pdf.

Which PDF app do you use?

Adobe, xodo

In Adobe you can edit but it creates a new file with numbered file name, So basically no benefit

On one of my Android 11 test devices:

Can you edit in Xodo?, in my device xodo ask to save a new copy or use as read-only

Yes, but this is the same on one of my Android 9 test devices with another PDF app. There the edited PFD is saved in a new (special) folder.

this is the problem.

Hey, did you get any solution ?

it only work in companion not after export

What does “it” mean (does not work …)?
Show your blocks and / or post a simple test aia.

teas.aia (72.6 KB)

@AppHelper_Studio You cannot pick any non-media files from the external storage (even not from one of the Shared folders, like /Download or /Documents, at least not on Android 11+).

You need SAF for this.

See here:

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can you please please please share me a demo aia file

SAF is an extension which allow you to access storage on android 11

some examples and usage of blocks are present in topic