Kodu-Bee NYT Spelling Bee Clone

This is a beta version

Kodu-Bee is an enhanced Free Software clone of The New York Times game Spelling Bee. It has all the features of the original game and more, including the ability to play a nearly infinite number of randomly generated games

______________________ How To Play_____________________________

The goal of Kodu-Bee is to make as many words as you can with the seven letters you are given. You do not have to use every letter and you can use letters more than once. The only requirements are that you must use the center letter at least once in every word and words must be at least four letters long

This game is free inspired by: Spelling Bee

Contains Game exclusive features engine
LeaderBoard online system with Name score and rank feature
Deseign in responsive Canvas

Extension used:

Anagram By @marco_tanzi (in development)

To do:

  • Improve the style.

  • Correct bugs.

  • Add possibility to exchange letters with points.

  • Advices are welcome.

Off topic:
Kodular being a commercial platform and not linked as AppInventor by educational logic.
Without the need to ask developers to include a text editor of code.
It is really very difficult to program complex applications in blocks and I believe that Kodular, by binding to an exclusive logic of block builder, loses many of its potential.
Thank you

Regards @marco_tanzi



I think this will never happen. But it would be nice if it was possible to organize the blocks. There are even great suggestions for it but App Inventor or Mit never showed any interest in making them happen.

It is really veeery difficult to work in big projects in app Inventor or Kodular. Just opening the website starts to become a problem, not to mention that find the blocks we need takes long time in a bigger project.


I understand that MIT must have an educational logic.
Instead Kodular, AppZard, Niotron and how many others have the possibility to vary and to look for innovative solutions.
If you want to attract experienced programmers to use the program you have to find innovative solutions.
A text editor might be a good idea.

Grazie :+1:

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The thing is, the people that come to Kodular and similars are not people interested in learn how to code, but people interested in make apps easily. See, i like your idea, but this would be a lot of work to make it possible and this would be used by 1% of the users. With the time and effort to make it happen Kodular could, for example, update the native components to make them work with ASD, which is a current problem for a huge amount of Kodular users. If they are not with time to implement something so urgent, something like what you suggested is probably very far from the top things to do.

You see, if I was a millionaire I would gladly donate a few thousands of dollars to fund this idea, but Kodular staff has to choose among a lot of great ideas to decide what to implement. And I can’t imagine the staff choosing to do this instead of solving others urgent problems or some others good ideas that will help all the users, not only the most experient.
Of course it would help to keep the best users in Kodular instead of going to android studio, for example, but I think the staff don’t see it as a priority.

By the way, your app is very nice. I ended up forgetting to say it in my first comment. I have only one suggestion: You wrote “laederboard” instead of “leaderboard”

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Yes, in fact you are right the Kodular staff has more imminent problems to overcome and it is also true that Kodular is above all an app intended for those who do not want to waste time in computing programs.
Click and go without knowing what you are doing.

Thank you for reporting the error

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Great :heart_eyes:
Very nice game.