What is the Kodular story?

Hello Everybody,

I’m 34,french (so sorry for my english) and mechanical engineer in automotive world wild company… but not for long time (1 month and good bye Babylone!)

In fact I would like to live according to my philosophy and discover new way of life. The only job compatible with this is, I think, software dev but i don’t know prog language. So I try to learn Java script and Java and in parallel I dev my first app with MIT apps inventor (a ramble tracker).

I would like change of tool for Kodular because you have very interesting tool for my apps and I like your design. But I don’t find the story of Kodular…

Kodular is it OpenSource?
What is the goal of Kodular, do Buisness like Thunkable, or allow allow everyone to develop apps?


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No, it’s not (but I would also like that)

Nope, nope. Kodular can be also recognized as a Thunkable spinoff, even if the Kodular team wasn’t part of Thunkable, they were PowerThunkers and/or moderators, and (I think) leaves Thunkable because of their team. Kodular will be always free, for everyone

The story of Kodular is interesting: it started at July, 2017 as Makeroid and then it’s grown. Users just came because of the great support and the nice features. Many of the best Thunkers came here and made their beautiful apps.
On 6. February, 2018 the servers were shut down, for an unexpected reason. A lot of people were worrying, we’ve seen a lot of services never come back. But Makeroid came, with the new version Andromeda.
In Oct. 10, 2018 it was rebranded as Kodular along with the new version Chameleon

The team is still (and always) working on new features, and making Kodular better :smile:


Because they needed time to change the design and exit from BETA. But I never used old design.


Yeah, @yusufcihan is right, it was also because of that

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This blog post contains a little bit of history behind Kodular


It’s a pity!! I don’t see how Kodular team monetyze this soft (no pub, no pay extension…)

Thank you very much for your explenation!

I have to code again i will try with KODULAR!!! It’s not free (not good lo!) but clearly I like this work environment and few simple and useful fonction. BRAVO TEAM KONDULAR!

Small question or suggestion…

I have used (few month ago) Gdevellop, ok it’s an other philosophie that “block building”, but i thinck that it’s more simple to organize the code (yellow label to create chapter).
1/ How organize the code? I use “procedure” like chapter and i prefere use local variable that global, is it a good idea?
2/ I have 3 variable distance time and title 3 variable list (each km or hm MapMarker, Speed average,altitude, texte)
I want display 3 variables all the time and 3 variables in 4 “viewer” (Map, list, graph, text editor), i thinck that use just one screen (with hide/show viewer) that multi screen it’s better. is it right?
3/ A little suggestion? A tool with bubble like Xmind!


PS: Sorry for my english… I don’t see tuto or com in french, no french comunity?

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That’s a very good idea, a lot of users don’t use it!

No, this community is only English, but French users like @Franck_G28 or @Stiaen can surely help you!


Kodular is free :sweat_smile:
We take a small commission from AdMob components, that is our primary revenue source

We think that everyone should have the same possibilities despite their income, so that’s why we don’t want to add any premium plan
Moreover, we keep it free because it’s not fair to ask users for money when they are not generating revenue. I mean, if an user wants to start coding, it should be free as that is a beginner level. However, when he wants to monetize their app and earn money with our platform, that is when we start taking that commission
So, as you can see, our business model is very fair. We only earn from people who make money with our platform


Free = Open source for me… Bad French/English traduction sorry

Ah ok! If my apps become stable i would like monetyze by purchase of new fonction not by pub. Do you have a tool with the same system of comission?

Clearly agree with you!


Oh, sorry :sweat_smile:
I’m Spanish, and Free for me means only “Gratis”

What do you exactly mean?

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For example: I have 5 free use for an option Y and after you must pay X to X re-use
Do you have a tool to manage this (with a comission of course)?

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Our tool is code logic.


Kodular is it OpenSource?

Kodular is not open source but it is based on MIT App Inventor, which is.


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