Will Kodular continue to be free or will it be paid like Thunkable

I now almost migrated all aia’s from thunkable to Kodular because we now need to pay thunkable to keep projects private. If Kodular has any idea to become paid like Kodular then please tell me.

yeah but this only t hide your projects, you can build for free also but all other can look into your project . I think they will,loose much people bc kodular is 10 times better as they, we have 1 80 components or so thunkable has under 100 i think, one big plus is, that you can make ios apps and android apps in one buílder.

kodular will is and stay free

Sir thanks so much for clearing my confusion. I will now only work in Kodular. I think it is better for creating apps.


Man it’s sad to see what thunkable is doing. They are basically killing their builder.
If they want to make more money ok, but 20$ month or 200$ year for the only purpose of having privacy?
That’s just insane.

E guess they must be thinking “it doesn’t matter if we lose 90% of all users, we will get much more with paying users than with the free users”. But as time goes people will not talk about thunkable, people will not make extensions, or help on the forum etc


thanks other platform are waste for timing rest of Kodular, Kodular is best