KODULAR Project?

Where are we with the KODULAR project? The documentation is still not up to date, a lot of info is missing …
I hesitate to invest my time in this project if it is stopped … It seems however a good idea …
I always hesitate between KODULAR and THUNKABLE X …

There is nothing stopped…
You should first think and then create a topic like this.

You can write documentation too If you had searched first before creating this topic…

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Sorry to see that your answer is not very professional …
I didn’t want to offend anyone, it was just that I found KODULAR to be a good tool, and I found it unfortunate the lack of tutorials and documentation.

If you want to know how to use Kodular you should learn the basics of App Inventor, since Kodular is based on this platform

At times like these I doubt whether to refer to Kodular as male or female in Spanish :sweat_smile:

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As I wrote you can contribute too if you want to write documentation for components.

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I’ve found Kodular to be great so far, the basics are the same as App Inventor. Yeah some of the docs are still missing but every time i’ve had a doubt or an issue or something that I couldn’t get to work or couldn’t get my head around i’ve found all the help i’ve needed right here in the community. There’s a lot of people with lots of skills and experience that are fully willing to help out. It’s great.


Hi Denis

Kodular is an active project and will continue to be supported for a long time. We have no plans to shut down Kodular or restrict any services.

That said, our documentation is still on the weaker side due to resource constraints (our team is just 8 people). As @Mika mentioned in a post above, you can contribute to writing the docs too, something that’d be greatly appreciated by us. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you’re considering switching from Thunkable, I’d recommend you remove any Thunkable-specific components (like the Image/Emotion recognisers) and proceed with importing your projects. We plan on providing support for iOS once MIT finishes work on the iOS development suite, so Kodular will soon be as cross-platform as Thunkable X.

I hope this clears any questions/doubts you may have.


Hello Vishwas,
Thank you for your more constructive response. I really think KODULAR is an amazing tool, and I really want to become a user of it. Seriously, how could I write the documentation if I don’t know how the software works in detail ?!
For example, in “Maps”, we have a “CALL make marker” block (for example) with a “connector” on the left side of the block. To which block can we attach this “connector”? Same for all CALL blocks with a “connector” on the left.
You are talking about THUNKABLE X. Indeed, it contains functions that I would like to see applied to KODULAR, in particular “Marging”, “Padding”, “Border radius” …
Best regards,


FYI, if you leave your mouse hovering in any block, a yellow alert will show telling you how the block works


Hello Diego,
Thanks for your help. I knew well about this help, but alas that does not answer the question on how to use the “CALL” vlocs.
Best regards,

Please open a new topic for any questions you have that are not related to this topic.

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