Kodular Companion Error

Hi all! :slightly_smiling_face:

All of a sudden Kodular Companion running on my Samsung S9 is giving me this error when trying to download my project APK. :confounded: The screen turns white and gives this error:

Error: Invalid Link

Anyone know what causes this? My S8 has no such error when downloading the same APK using the same link.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated. :sunglasses:

APK is built by kodular creator, on the web, companion tests your app in the development.
Explain me better what are you talking about…

show images also…

Yes, APK is built by Kodular creator. One uses Kodular Companion to get the QR Code to start the download of the APK to the phone.

When I do this I get the error noted above; not sure what you don’t understand. The image is not necessary. It is a white screen with the error at the top of the page that says:

Error: Invalid Link

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That’s strange.
But… I can help you to put it on the S9 phone.

  1. Download it on the S8 phone
  2. Share the file to the S9 phone (via bluetooth, whatsapp, mms, etc.)
  3. Install it on S9

Did you gotten any success with this tip?

How big is your aia also check with 7zip or winrar how big your assets are

Well, I was able to use Bluetooth to transfer APK from S8 to S9 and it ran OK. :sweat_smile: So the workaround is cool, :wink: but I still don’t have a solution for the Error noted above. :unamused:

I also tried using the S9 Google Chrome to load Kodular Creator and make and download an APK directly. Multiple attempts resulted in the APK downloading to 5.4MB of 5.6MB file (or less) and then starting the download over again and never reaching the end of the file download. :confounded: :confounded: :confounded: :confounded:

Thanks muchly for your replies! :smiley:

Generally, when I build an apk I use a qr scanner app instead of companion, and never happened some thing like this…
Wich version is you companion app? Is it the newest one or an older version?
The apk file size looks ok.
Can you tell me how many screens has your app got?

Thanks for your replies! :smiley:

3 screens. I’ve always used Kodular Companion, but it is giving that Error: Invalid Link error on both phones now, one’s screen is white, the other is black. The one with the black screen works, the white screen error does not work. :unamused:

I’ll try a qr scanner app. Can you recommend one?

I never looked for qr scanners in English. Only In my language. Just search play store and select one app. Note that the newest phone’s have qr scanning tool included on camera.

This is an option:

This is not error 1103 (unable to put or post text)
See here:
Error 1103: Unable to put or post text… After Updating app to version 1.4D.1 Eagle in Android 5.1

@JMAcevedo i think you should delete your post because it is not adequate to this topic.

I tried that scanner and another one, I always get this error:

Error: Invalid Link

Downloads the APK just fine, except on my S9. :thinking:

Try restarting the device.

Thank-you for your reply. I did try restarting the devices, no joy.

Are you able to directly download apk / aab to the computer and transfer it to the phone via USB?