Kodular don't care about users application

I know moderators are going to ban me and I don’t care because I just want that some moderators see this and think about the issues. I am working on kodular from last month and trying to create and app when half of the application is ready I wanted to use firebase component but that have an error now I am stucked in between because my half application is ready and I need firebase to work perfectly ,so I tried to import a firebase extension when I imported it says some malicious extension found and app is not opening, so I thought I must delete the extension when I deleted the imported extension my other firebase database also deleted and I can’t find option for firebase database it just lost from the component bar and from everywhere I used that, my whole hard work just ruined by this kodular. Not only this but
I noticed alot of bugs in kodular but it doesn’t matter because you guys scored 1000/100 in making worst builder to destroy a developers work. Hats off to kodular the waste oh yes you guys should release a new version so that you can loot the developers more and waste there hard work
At last I have a request please shut down kodular so that no developer feel sad after using it.

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which extension are you talking about? any link?
see also

did you backup your project? see also MIT App Inventor 2 Tips – TWO DOG APPS

you might want to report bugs in the #feedback:bugs section here in the community



I had a backup but that is too old, the main work in this week is lost , I am surprised why the firebase component is deleted when I deleted firebase extension

About which firebase extension you are talking about ?

Why you need an extension for firebase ? You can use firebase database even with web component or inbuilt firebase database component.

Kodular firebase have errors
The same block works in mit AI but it does not work in kodular

What errors ? Could you define more !!

Have you ever used firebase?

Yes (Firebase Authentication + Firebase Database)

I don’t have any issues they work properly.

I have used both to send the data.
The problem is that the block which I used in mit AI and downloaded those block and it stopped working in kodular

I think kodular must have done some changes in firebase database that’s why its not working , not only me many users have faced issues I have searched community,they should check it again

i hear you man ,
i was thinking of switching back but hearing you change my mind,
kodular need to fix all the bugs.

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Mit will use lists as json format , so if you enable such method it will work in your app too.may be due to that

Unless your blocks are correct , no error will occur , We are sure about it.

Can you send me firebase block how to store and append to it without error
I have tried but it’s not working

Ok, I will show you… before using the option append firebase value, it(the tag )must have value if not it will show us error only.

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It doesn’t work it send error “previous value was empty” You can try creating an app by this method

Yes I create tag before appending to it

this is how i will achieve it…

  1. i am tryig to get the vale of specific tag(though it is not there)

  2. if it is not there then it will be created newly

  3. if the tag is present firebase will ready to accept the data to be written as append manner(i.e as a list). tested and it is working without any error. you too try for it…

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