Kodular slows down, Kodular slow

Use firefox browser​:white_check_mark:

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Use Firefox

Hello! Enable Performance mode and use Firefox Browser. because firefox is more optimized and will optimize blocks quickly. The contraction may still occur, but it will decrease.

Interestingly, works fine on edge and chrome on Linux Mint Cinnamon

Greetings first of all! Why are the codes stuttering and freezing even though my computer is a very good computer, but this problem has just appeared, freezing and stuttering problem, there was no such problem before, please fix this situation

sorry i can’t install firefox on my computer

Why cant you intall Firefox?

Some people do not have any personal belongings, like me, we use the computer with 3 people in a house and there is no space on my computer.

Use clean disk in C drive & remove temp files including updates.
Delete unnecessary downloads such as exported apks, installers.

Disk C has only windows and software applications of my video card and a few of my computers have basic and important files

So what browser do you use?

Opera GX or sometimes normal google or Microsoft Edge

Hey! I downloaded Firefox, installed it, works great, better with performance mode

I find that this website is really too slow now. My project has not reached 300 blocks yet. When I drag and drop blocks, the delay is very serious, which seriously slows down the progress of the project and wastes my time. What the hell is going on here?

Use Firefox and turn on performance mode

dear team, I’m paid premium version but my old project not open as I can see very slow working. Please help us or how to get refund not working last few days proper.

Please search the forum instead of spamming it. Your question has been answered multiple times already.

This is NOT a question! It’s an opportunity! My conclusion is that Kodular is NOT a productive tool for professional use! It’s VERY SLOW and crashes all the time…