Kodular is very slow

I’m facing issue with screen builder since yesterday.
Some tinme it’s fast some time incredibly slow, i can’t move any blocks.
I split it to 3 screens of aroud 800 blocks, little better but still lagging.

Is it normal or somting happen on Kodular side?
Some time Report issue dialog pop pup.

Now it’s normal without changing nothing so probaly the server was busy.
Would be nice to have a Kodular Page to check real time server status like Google Cloud.

So I can say that it’s resolved for now, hope won’t come often I was really frustrated.

They do have a page , but sadly it doesn’t work

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This Site Was Working Before some months ago

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They already have one but Not sure if it is working. Did you see if your connection was good?

Kodular is Never slow

  • Try using Different Browser
  • Remove unnecessary extension
  • I have worked in kodular in 1.1 mbps also
  • Depends on ISP Server
  • Collapse All Blocks
  • Try Using Chromium Based Browser Like Edge , Chrome
  • Use Incognito mode sometimes also called InPrivate Made

I had more than 200 to 300 blocks per screen It Never Lagged Just Little it Lagged But Solved By Collapsing Blocks

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My connection was excellent.

Yes i think collapse blocks will help. I tested Chrome as well, I did not notice any improvement.
But in my case the speed pass from normal to 100 time slower whitch can not be from my side, does not make sens, and now it’s fast like Whouhoo!! i did not change nothing.

I mark yours as solution just to close this, anyway it should help to improve.

by curiosity where is that page?

Well, the link is in the post :shushing_face:

Lol thanks.
like you said it doesn’t work, there’s even nothing to see

Hi, for kodular or any other application creator in this style using EDGE browser it’s much more fluid I had a screen with 3000 blocks and it was playable.

On chrome it’s very slow

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Try deleting all cookies )

Here but it doesn’t work

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@Titan_geek, he already got the site. :joy:

:sweat_smile: Cool didn’t see that

I changed my browser to Edge and works very fine when i colapse blocks

Firefox is recommended.
See here -

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Well, i dont need to use 2 browsers so i will continue with edge, and there are people saying that mozila/chrome are deleting stuff.

Ok your wish…

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