Laundry Mate (Application for Online Laundry Business)

Use Different Colour for Background & Components, In some components you have used same colour as BG.

I knew that you had used Mysql and PHP.
Thanks for the compliment.

Can you highlight which specific screen.

You had a good idea to create something that optimizes any task for 2 sides: customer and service provider.

Almost Every


Thanks for the accurate feedback. I will try out different colors here and will post again.

Any more suggestions are welcome.


My first test of PHP Mysql and Kodular was on a table of student grades 120.000 records.

There is difference between disabling the button and making it invisible


thank you for using the tools extension App Inventor Extensions: Tools | Pura Vida Apps
keep up the good work!

Good Work btw work on ui :grin: :grin:

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Amazing app mate… can u share aia or database structure to help the community?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask the aia or the database structure to a programmer who had a lot of effort and work to complete your app. It is not by getting the “AIA” ready that he will help the community. If you or another user has any questions about any part of the app, ask.

Like the database. We didn’t learn to create a database by getting ready databases. We have to design them according to the need of the system / app.



Thanks @Rogerio_Rios for speaking the same I wanted to reply.

@Harshal_Sable ask your specific questions where you are having difficulty I will be happy to help and everyone else as well.

Show what have you tried and what is not working.

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@Meghraj_Singh i’m all new to this and just wanted to understand the database structure and its relationships. so that itcan be a bit helpful for me to figure out how to design table structure for any database needed. Thanks :slight_smile: any help you can do will be deeply appreciated. Thanks Mate…

Alright here it goes,

  1. Since this is login based application hence our primary table is users which includes details about their account and profile such as name, address, contact email etc.
  2. Next Orders table where user_id will be existing users in the user table.
  3. To differentiate a laundry order vs dry clean order we have created another table called services and each service type is provided an id
  4. In order to calculate the total amount for the order, we have a pricing table which holds the prices per service type based on either weight or per piece.

Additional/Optional Features:

  1. Coupons table for defining coupon codes and their validity and number of usage restriction per user.
  2. Wallet table to hold wallet related transactions for the specific user. It will only hold +number and -number when user adds money or uses money for placing order.

I hope i am able to help you with this.


@Meghraj_Singh thanks a lot mate. It helped a lot :slight_smile:

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