Laundry Mate (Application for Online Laundry Business)

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Laundry Mate

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Laundry Mate is the complete solution for both customers as well as the service providers. Customers can place the laundry order from the app and then the service providers can track and take things from there.


@Taifun – Taifun Tools extension for validating the Email
ColinTreeList View Extension for List View
@yusufcihan-- Dynamic Components Extension, Very helpful to keep the UI dynamic
@DevYB – Async Image loader


I’m not the UI guy but i have tried my best to keep the things neat and clean. I will appreciate your suggestions.

App Store/Download link:

Since this is for a client which includes their backend and related stuff hence only sharing the screenshots.

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Good App. You can improve the UI.

App background is not looking good. You can change it and also in login screen change text box hint colour.

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Nice App, you must work on UI

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Umm, I can’t find the login button in your login screen. :point_down:

Let me know if I overlooked something. :slightly_smiling_face:

pls hide some screenshots, it contains personal info

I removed the screenshots that contain personal info.

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Good Morning 08:06 @Meghraj_Singh. Very interesting app. An app with a targeted purpose. An app to streamline the Customer and the service provider. This is really an app to make any task easier. Congratulations ! Regarding the UI, you can improve. I also have this problem of designing the UI, but, because the work behind the optimization of a task is large and complex, so the UI is sometimes in the background. Congratulations on the app that fulfills the goal of facilitating some routine. :+1: :clap:


Colors are a bit :sparkles: o f f :sparkles:

Take a look at the Material Design guidelines.

This may also help you

Thank you for your suggestion, would you like to recommend any color for the hints as you might have used in your previous projects?

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Login button is hidden by default and would be visible when user has typed something in email.
Doing this way will reduce one less if condition to check if email is blank.

So i have put a on text change block on email input and login button is displayed based on the condition.

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Thanks Peter i didn’t realise that I might be causing policy violation by sharing profile screen. Thanks for correcting.

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Always credit goes to peter :sweat:
:point_down:t3: :point_down:t3:

Nice work @Meghraj_Singh :ok_hand:t3:

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Hi @Rogerio_Rios thanks for your appreciation. Yeah, i have shared the UI with the community so that they can better suggest based on their experiences. My primary focus was to first get the things working and then continuously improving the UI with community Support.

I have admired your database knowledge and keep on reading your replies related to MySQL and stuff. Here as well I have used PHP+ MySql as backend and things are good so far when I have tested for more than 10k rows of data.

If going forward performance is the issue, I will get back to you on query improvements.

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This will confuse the user I think Because normally when any user looks at login screen, a general image of a screen with two textboxes and one button is created in user’s mind. Not seeing the login button at first will confuse the users(like me)

You can consider disabling the login button till the user fills the email and password. In this way user will able to see the login button and unnecessary clicks also can be avoided till the user fills in email and password

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I have generated the background using the same approach to make the gradient color but which is more pleasing and which might not look good on user devices is the question.

Can you point out which particular color combination will look good in this perspective when most of the text is in white color.

Yes that’s what it is at present, once email and passwords are changed if both of them are not blank then show login button.

Use color space for palettes and beautiful gradients

That’s why I created this resource guide:

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Hi @Xoma, I know various ways to generate the background screen colors but which particular combination will look good that’s the question.

As developers when we choose something we are always kind of biased for that but it’s the actual user who makes us think that it needs to be changed but to what?

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