List item error in airtable

Screenshot 2021-02-04 144655

Please help me i cannot see any quote in my screen and this error will be coming always

Use do it to check if the global quotes is empty?

how to do it
which condition i want to put

Quotes is most likely empty. You can right click on the ‘quotes’ variable and click do it to see what it contains.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 150954

it is disable how to enable do it function

you have to use the companion. And don’t do it on the initialise block, do it on the variable block used anywhere else.

but when i click on do it it was visible to me but when i click to next quote button it show this type of errror


Click on the variable and use do it. It is being set to an empty list after the got column block.

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now it work perfectly thanks you @Saezy for solving my problem

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But when I install apk file when screen initilize it stopping my mobile it doesn’t open the screen

it show this type of error

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This is maybe because of airtable. If you use Airtable then your app can be crash that is the why I don’t use Airtable in my apps.

So what can i do please tell me

So what are you using instead of airtable please tell me

Firebase or Google Spreedsheet

But now what I will do please tell me I don’t know how to use Google spreadsheet as a quote how to implement please tell me how to implement google speadsheet in quotes


How to call one column data in google spreadsheet in my app please tell me

did you saw the links i provided


There is a block for this in Cloudsheets Extension

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