Load Items when User Scroll [Advance & Unique]


Hi gyz i present you another powerfull guide under jugard series project 5
as on this topic there are already two guides

  1. Load items as user Scrolls by @zainulhassan
  2. How to use clock to load items in a listview/custom listview? @golumaths100
    and a solution Load items as user Scrolls by @themaayur

But question is why i made another one ???
actualy all of the above logics are working when scroll reach bottom sometimes User network is slow and loading on bottom reach may be irritating for them
Uniqueness so i created a brand new logic that loads items when the user near to the end but not at the end mean almost two posts prior to the bottom
it then controls loading time and user will enjoy a smooth reading/experience.

Extesnions Used

Dynamic components extesnion by @yusufcihan
Scroll handler Extesnion by @ColinTree


design Part



blocks (27)
blocks (28)
blocks (29)
blocks (30)

blocks (25)


SmoothLading (1).apk (5.1 MB)
SmoothLading (1).aia (116.4 KB)


it is based on the concept of one of my other guide
Smart List


thanks to @Kodular for this great platform
and thanks to @yusufcihan and @colintree for thier amazing extensions.

if you like my work then give it a thumbs up
also if you find some issue please let me know i"ll fix it …as i did not test it thoroughly due to shortage of time.


Loved your work :heart_eyes:


Another Good tutorial!! by @Zia_Choudhary
keep it up :heart:

but a suggestion make something same for online data as its not sounds good to load offline data


@Yash_Agarwal_376 thannk u so much for your appreciation :heart:

@nikzdreamer2001 Thanku so much for appreciation

Its an example… That will run online too
U just need to provide inputs… Stored in a variable
Just store online data in a variable and pass into the input it will work as in offline​:blush::+1:

But whats benefit if we get all data at once??
as if we get all data at once then its much better to show all data at once

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Ohh ok Okey i got your point
I’ll update this guide soon with online example from Airtable and mysql
Firebase will be optional as i know little about it but i’ll try to provide firebase example too
Within two days :blush: this late is due to my exams

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but try not to get all data at once…

No problem!!

btw thnx for working on my suggestion

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Don’t worry i already have developed the logic for this too and m using in my new apps

Its my pleasure working on your suggestions :+1::heart:

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I have an same think.can you shared mysql querry on this logic to load data.


@msr79526 Yeah within two days i’ll update the guide with online version :+1::blush: keep connected​:heart:


Love your work.

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Good guide! You can also add a circular progress when reaches the bottom.
That way user would know it is loading not crashing.

When I test:
When it almost reaches bottom, it scrolls up automatically, and it annoys me.
I think it is just a little bug on my phone. It is normal now :thinking:


Absolutely right.
Is cool.

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@ashishthakoor58 thank you so much for your love and appreciation :heart::heart::blush: i am glad you like my work​:blush:

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Yeah it’s a good suggestion i’ll implement it too
In next update

No no it happens even when u load item using when reach bottom block

It happens due to change in height of arrangement but it can be fixed with some tricks i’ll look into it and fix it in next update

Thank you for your useful suggestions :heart::blush:

@WatermelonIce i have solved the jerk issue , it will be added in new update :blush:

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new update is revealed with foloowing fixes

1.now loading is more smooth and above mentioned problem is removed

2.As i am loading new items… two items prior to the bottom reach so use of circle progress is useless . I tried but it does not show at all due to fast loading
it will be helpful in online lists because therevis some delay in loading process
so it will be added in online version of guide.
thanks for your suggestion

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No, its not good. If we are having image URL, we will get it in the form of string but when we set that link as image source, then the app will lag a lot while loading all the images at once. That’s why it is good to load images as we scroll down. :slight_smile:

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I think you misunderstood what @nikzdreamer2001 said


I understand. @nikzdreamer2001 is trying to say that we should get only those data which is needed at a moment.

I am just clarifying this line. :slight_smile: