Message from system

i received a message from @KodeBot and it said
Now that you’ve been promoted, it’s time to learn about some advanced features!

Reply to this message with @kodebot start advanced tutorial to find out more about what you can do.

We invite you to keep getting involved – we enjoy having you around.

and then when i replied to him saying @kodebot start advanced tutorial it does nothing
am i writing anything wrong?

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no u are typing write I have also got my badge with this

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then what is the problem why is not @KodeBot replying back

I know I have wrote @KodeBot start advanced tutorial

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please someone help me

It does not do anything or something

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it is not doing anything

It is Impossible post some images

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image like what?

your pm with kodebot

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what are you trying to say?

he is saying u that post ur screenshot of ur chat with kodebot

best in new tab

i am too late because i just forgot about this topic this is the screen shot -

i wrote multiple times in different ways do you want message from down also

Try Typing


& Not


( Just Don’t Use Preformatted text image )


Yes this is the correct way to write…
Try your problem would be solved.

as i said i tried many times in different ways see here -

But it works for me.
Make a new message with @KodeBot and in that write

@kodebot start advanced tutorial


i made but it is still not replying

@KodeBot advanced tutorial