Not getting Promoted

Hi, I have been here to the community for the last 16 days and I fulfilled the requirements of trust level 2 (Member) but still didn’t got promoted… any suggestions

I have just checked your profile and you are already Trust Level 2 (Member)


i didnt got any robo notifiction

i would like it to hear from the kodular bot (nice nad cute robo) anyways thanks

You should have received the notification of granting the “Member” badge, didn’t you?

nope, nothing about that

But you are “Member” and you received “Member” badge.

Also as I remember, you won’t receive any messages from KodeBot if you promoted to Member. KodeBot will send a message you for special events. (for being ProKoder, for being User of the Month)

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yeah but I got to know about @Diego 's screenshot above, i did not got any notification

@Diego you may close this topic

Press your profile icon from top bar. Then you will see your notifications there. And you will see “Granted “Member”” notification. If not, press down arrow icon to see all notifications.

i checked every notification but didn’t find

The bot didn’t sent me one :pensive:

You don’t need to see notification. This is not important. Just know, you are a Member anymore :slightly_smiling_face:


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