My Button is not clickable in horizontal layout anyone know what's the problem

I have card view and into the card i have a horizontal layout in this horizontal layout i create three button with images by Dynamic component but only image are show and button are not clickable… please help someone

set Enable property of Button to True.

Then check.

Also set thr full clickable property of the cardview to false

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it still not working

Personally i never used Buttons.

Try making a custom Button using CardView and Label.
That always works for me.

i want to ad image in button so how i do that

By placing a Arrangement inside that CardView.

yes previously i did that, i was create a horizontal arrangement, into this horizontal arrangement i drag three images and set image property clickable but it was not clickable. that’s why i am choosing the button component

@Ramjan_Malik Show your button click Blocks.

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blocks (28)

i create like but its not working

That means your condition is not matching so just use a notifier to see if button is presssd then show alert

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do it like this

Button name should be the first string of the id used to create buttons

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button name means button id?

not the whole id,
blocks (6)

just the first string part of it not the variable

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blocks (30)

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its worked

i read that.
why you Deleted it.

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so that my post doesnt get flagged

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